How can you easily spot cheaters in Among Us? What betrays the scammers?

How can you easily spot cheaters in Among Us What betrays the scammers
The cheaters in Among Us are an increasingly common problem. One should learn to recognize them.

Hackers are perhaps the most annoying problem of any multiplayer game, even compared to lag. The fact that they also entered Among Us in bulk did not surprise anyone with such a huge increase in the popularity of this title.

For this reason, a very useful skill is to recognize cheaters in the game and take appropriate steps to eliminate them from the game.

How to spot a hacker in Among Us?

Possibility to see the cheater

This cheat can be difficult for players to spot. It’s not really known why people use it as it undermines the whole point of the game. This hack allows its user to see who the impostor is. Therefore, if a player starts making accusations before suspicious activity is detected, it is very possible that it is a regular cheater.

How to spot a hacker in Among Us

No cooldown timer

In Among Us, users can set the amount of time between kills. This setting is adjustable between 10 and 60 seconds, however there is a cheat to disable this timer. A hacker can safely eliminate all crew members one at a time, without worrying about the cooldown status.

How to spot a hacker in Among Us

Long range elimination

Taking a life long distance is an extremely onerous scam in Among Us. Firstly, there is no way for users to escape it, and secondly, it’s quite difficult to spot other than players who have been eliminated themselves. Nevertheless, if the player notices that his companion has died and no one was around, he can be sure that not only an impostor, but also a cheater is on board.

How to spot a hacker in Among Us

Much faster run

It can be boring and annoying at times that our character moves really slowly. Even so, this is what makes Among Us an exciting game, because effective navigation is essential. The hack to speed up the character is significantly used by both crew members and impostors, giving them an unfair boost in the game.

How to spot a hacker in Among Us

Knowing the above “tricks” cheaters, we have a better chance of detecting them and throwing them out of the lobby. There is no point in playing with unfair users, because they only spoil the atmosphere and satisfaction with the entire game.

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